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Eli Eichler
aka Bob Jones,


Eli Eichler is a Berlin-based visual artist. She studied English and French literature in Montpellier and Photography in Berlin and Leipzig. Eli has won numerous awards and scholarships and has exhibited her photos and videos internationally, amongst others at OFF Photo Festival in Bratislava, contact Photo Festival Toronto and Photokina Cologne. Published under the pseudonym Bob Jones, her portfolio centers on portraiture as well as experimental usages of the photographic medium. Since 2018, Eli is constantly travelling around with her self-built mobile portrait studio. This studio consists of an upcycled wooden large-format camera and a tiny darkroom – a photo and printing technique that she perfected under the guidance of print master Jochen Rohner. Eichler has lived and worked as an artist in residency in France, New Zealand, Finnland and Poland.


In 2016, Eli travelled to New Zealand with not much more than a cheap photo lens. Her aim was to build her own large-format camera and finance her travels by portraying the people she’d meet. The Wanderkamera came into being a few months later, when Eli ran into 70-year-old Graham Davis. The former engineer and hobby photographer became as enthused about the large format camera project as she was and was quick to support the project with his available tools and a shed full of unused wood. Three months later, Eli took the first test photos which turned out completely black. Back home in Berlin, she found the missing pieces to completely blacken out the camera body. She was finally set to put up the camera at a first event. The benefits of the self-built camera became evident quickly: people love the experience of sitting still for an analogue portrait and then watch it being developed. The mobile camera stand has since been a connecting point of likeminded people at events such as festivals, markets and weddings. It is also being used for artistic shootings with a great number of artists, actors, performers and musicians. 

What I


I have collaborated with actors, dancers, designers, musicians, performers, hackers, singers and many other artists. 


I have visited festivals such as Fusion, Garbicz, Bucht der Träumer, Meeresrauschen, CCC and 48h Neukölln.


I have attended private events such as weddings, birthday parties, summer markets and Christmas parties. Please contact me for further details.

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